AEP Support

How to structure your AEP?

Section 1: Evaluation

  • All 10 OCR recognised components of fitness tested (with Units of Measure).
  • Results compared to Normative Data (visit the Fitness Testing page)
  • Summative evaluation of strengths and weaknesses relating each to performance outcomes.
  • Relate everything to positional as well as sport demands/impact.

Section 2: Analysis

  • Clearly identify rank order of importance for each of the 10 components of fitness
  • Explain reasoning for this rank including the IMPACT it can potentially have on the game and what may be the impact if they DO NOT have a good level of this fitness component.
  • Use sporting examples for each component of fitness relevant ONLY to the chosen sport/position.

Section 3: Overview

  • Clearly identify, briefly describe and explain the importance of each skill for the chosen sport as listed in the NEA Guide.
  • Use sporting example for each relative ONLY to chosen sport and/or position.

Section 4: Assessment

  • Provide clear evidence of data collection for skill performance
  • Summarise data collection/key findings

Section 5: Movement Analysis

  • Ensure all 4 main joints are covered/commented in relation to:
    • Antagonistic Muscle Pairs
    • Articulating Bones
    • Movement Actions
  • Comment on actions at all 4 joints during Preparation, Execution and Follow through phases of ONE skill.
  • Add ONLY ONE skill being focused on into Skill Continuum for Difficulty and Environemtn justifying with examples placement in detail.

Section 6: Action Plan

  • Choose to improve EITHER (not both) earlier identified skill or fitness weakness (Skill recommended)
  • Present risk assessment with clear reference to structure and purpose of warm up/cool down (include specific example)
  • Principles of training and SMART goals applied directly to training plan.
  • Skills Fitness drills clearly laid out (w/diagrams) progresses 3 times with reasoning/justification for these progressions.
  • Remember to include details pertaining to reps and set if completing a fitness plan
  • Clear and conside coaching points for each drill.

Exemplar Materials

OCR AEP Example - Examples of Good Sections.pdf