Practical Guidance

Guide to Non-Exam Assessment (NEA)

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Download the NEA Guidance Booklet

Click on the image on the left to find out all of the Core & Advanced skills for the OCR GCSE PE Approved Sports list.

Filmed Evidence Support

NEA Videos - What are they looking for?

  1. Basic/Core Skills in Isolation
  2. Advanced Skills in Isolation
  3. Decision Making and Physical Attributes in conditioned competitive scenarios
  4. REGULAR/FORMAL competitive evidence

Common Problems Identified by Moderators:

  1. Students are not CLEARLY identified on camera (names/numbers)
  2. Inclusion of group video evidence (where possible focus on the individual).
  3. Little evidence of regular participation (videos of 'one day' sessions are not acceptable for higher bands).
  4. Poor Camera Angles (stationary cameras) not showing the whole skill.
  5. No formal competition (e.g. sparing in boxing)
  6. Coaching/Instruction included visually or audibly within the video evidence provided.
  7. Skills seen once / Short video time / Multiple skill shown at once.

Please click on the documents below to find a structured template to help you record your off-site activities.

Log of Competitive Participation Guide

Log of Competitive Participation Guide

Click here to download a Log of Competitive Particpation Guide.

This will help support the grade given by your teacher across your three chosen sports.