Preventing Injuries

The following are ways of helping to prevent injuries or health problems associated with physical activities and sport. These things also help minimise the risk of injury.

Correct Clothing/Footwear

It is important the the appropriate clothing is worn for the sport you are participating in.

  • Avoid wearing anything that may get caught.
  • Wear suitable footwear for the correct conditions and activity.

Warming Up & Cooling Down

As per the previous page:

  • Warm ups helps prepare your muscles and joints for movements that will happen during the physical activity.
  • Cooling down can help to prevent muscle stiffness and soreness.

Appropriate Level of Competition

You should exercise with people at a similar level to yourself, so that you do not over exert yourself.

This also counts for the correct age groups too. You need to make sure you compete within the right age range to reduce the risk of injuries.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is used to prevent injuries.

Examples of these are as follows:

  • Scrumcaps in rugby
  • Safety helmets in canoeing
  • Gloves for wicketkeepers in cricket
  • Shinpads in football

Correct Technique

In sport, we need to make sure that we use the correct technique to lift and carry equipment.

If you do not follow the correct lifting techniques, you are more likely to suffer from muscle strains and other injuries.


The area in which the activity takes place must be looked are carefully to recognise possible hazards. Hazards are something that has the potential to cause harm, and the risk is the chance that someone will be harmed by the hazard.

Sports Hall

Examples of hazards in a sports hall are:

  • Gym Equipment
  • Walls
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Lighting
  • Hard Floor

Fitness Centre

Examples of hazards in a Fitness Centre are:

  • Equipment (Broken or Positioning)
  • Flooring
  • WIndows
  • Free Weights
  • Other People

Playing Field

Examples of hazards on a playing field are:

  • Little, such as broken glass and dog excrement.
  • Goal posts
  • Movable Equipment
  • Fencing
  • Pitch Surface

Artifical Outdoor Area

Examples of hazards on an artificial outdoor area are:

  • Surface of pitch
  • Litter
  • Goal Posts
  • Movable Equipment
  • Fencing

Swimming Pool

Examples of hazards in a swimming pool are:

  • Water
  • Chemicals in the water
  • Surface of surrounding area
  • Equipment

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